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Do you want to be happier and healthier in every way?

  • Do you want to improve your relationships?
  • Leave past “mistakes” behind you?
  • Attract more love and kindness?
  • Do you want to free yourself from painful memories?
  • Or cut unhealthy ties with people who drain you of joy?
  • So you can re-energize your current relationships?
  • And bring new, positive, people into your life?

Do you long to be healthy and fit?

  • Free of aches and pains, addictions, fears, and phobias?
  • Sleeping better and waking refreshed?
  • With a clear, untroubled mind and an open heart?

Do you need a helping hand?

Does this sound like you? Your life has been really tough at times and you have been tested in many ways. You have wanted to give up. To stop trying to make things better. To stop speaking your truth. To stop helping others. To put yourself first for a change.

Caring so much has a cost…It sometimes affects your health, your family, your work, your career, your finances, and your relationships. You lose sleep, you worry and get downhearted.


Life is a challenge…You may be an Empath or Psychic. You could be Highly Sensitive to the emotions and energies around you. You feel things deeply and often take them to heart. You set high standards for yourself and can judge yourself harshly.

You have felt many negative emotions in your life…Emotions like Fear, Guilt, Shame, Resentment, Sadness, Depression, Anger, Heartache, Shock and Worry. Hopelessness, Helplessness, Rejection, Low Self-Esteem, Jealousy, Overwhelm and Panic. Or Grief, Worthlessness, Discouragement, Longing, and Humiliation.

Sometimes your life doesn't seem to fit anymore...

You may be reeling from sudden changes, bereavement, break-ups, burn-out, bankruptcy, conflict, failures, debts, divorce, losses, bullying, attacks, job loss, redundancy, prolonged work stress, post-traumatic stress, problems with fertility or pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, menopause, illnesses, operations, and accidents.

According to Dr Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code™, challenging life events like these can trap negative emotions and trauma in your energy field. If you were unable to let go of them at the time,  they can cause long-term mental, physical and emotional imbalances which can lead to ill-health, depression, and disease.


Even if you have a relatively happy life, you will have some trapped negative emotions. As a baby, you absorb negative emotions from your parents, even when you are in the womb. And you download all your parent’s beliefs and rules about the world – both the helpful and unhelpful ones – by the age of seven.

It is also possible to inherit negative emotions from your parents and ancestors. And you can absorb them from other people around you; taking on their difficult, fearful, sad or angry emotions as if they were your own. This can be an increasing burden if you work in the helping or healing professions, leading to exhaustion and burn-out.

Trapped negative emotions make your body vibrate at a lower energetic frequency than your ideal healthy blueprint. Add to this the stresses of everyday life, toxins, chemicals, poor quality sleep, and bad nutrition. Along with the electro-magnetic pollution we are bombarded with, from phones, WIFI, computers, and electrical appliances,  it is no wonder that you may feel low, disheartened or tired at times.

Your lowered energetic frequency can result in more physical and mental imbalances, poor health, self-sabotaging thoughts, habits, and behaviours. These, in turn, can attract even more challenging situations, negative energies, unhappy relationships, financial problems, and chronic illness, and disease. It is a vicious circle...


The good news is that all these trapped negative emotions and imbalances can be released!


The Emotion Code™ and The Body Code™ offer simple and practical ways to raise your energetic frequency and improve your health.

However difficult your life is now, with the right support you can improve mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Your body can re-balance and restore itself to increased health and wellness.

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Releasing trapped emotions and energetically re-balancing the body using The Emotion Code™, The Body Code™, or any other type of Energy Healing practiced by the providers on this site, whether in person or by proxy, is not a substitute for medical care.

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