Hello. My name is Vanessa Westwell. Thank you for visiting me today. Life is meant to feel good. We are all born to be joyful and thrive, to learn and to grow. We all have challenge and tragedy along the way. However, I believe that our default setting is happiness, health, abundance and love. It is my passion to help you to improve your life, in any way I can...

  • I am a Mother, Step-Mother, Grandmother, Wise Woman and Caring Friend. I am a Truth Seeker, a lover of Nature and Animals. I look for the positive in everyone I meet.
  • I am a Certified Practitioner of The Emotion Code™, The Body Code™, The Belief Code™ and The Alignment Code.™ All amazing Energy Healing tools to help you get on track.
  • I have a Psychology degree, and a Diploma in Training Management. I had a long career in Human Resources and Corporate Training, before becoming a Freelance Training Consultant and Business Coach.
  • I am a Professional Life Coach, as well as a Certified Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Birth Re-imprinting. I also Channel Information and Guidance from Spiritual Guides during sessions.
  • I specialise in helping and supporting Healers and Lightworkers, Teachers, Coaches, Artists, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and other unique souls who dedicate their time to guide, heal and uplift others.
  • I have been helping people for over 40 years to have happier, healthier lives, and still love what I do. I am lucky to have clients from all over the world, including America, Canada, Australia, India, The Middle East, Europe and the UK. Please contact me to find out how I can help you...

Is it time for you to travel light in your life?

"Travelling Light - How to live lightly in your mind, body, heart, and soul". By Vanessa Westwell

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