The Emotion Code

Click here to listen to a recent Mindset Explosion Podcast with Matt Rudman, and hear Vanessa explain how The Emotion Code works. (Time needed: 19 minutes).


The Body Code

Click here to find out all about The Body Code, in this interview with Simon Walker of Firecracker Coaching. (Time needed: 55 minutes). 


Energy Work with Animals

Click here to watch Vishnupriya, of Zero Point Healing, interview Vanessa about her work with animals and pets. Includes a live demo on Priya's dog. (Time needed: 46 minutes).


Serenity Network Podcast

Click here to listen to Vanessa explaining about her work as a Body Code Practitioner and Energy Healer. (Time needed: 36 minutes).

Time to Try it Out?

Have you enjoyed hearing about Vanessa's amazing work with The Emotion Code and The Body Code? Book a Session and try it out for yourself!

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