Heart Wall Removal Package



Heart Walls are built to keep you safe from Sadness, Heartache, Grief, and Rejection. The Trapped Negative Emotions that you have experienced yourself, or absorbed or inherited from others in this lifetime, are the bricks used to build the Walls.

The older you get, and the more rejection and heartbreak, bereavement, and loss you suffer, the bigger and stronger the walls around your heart become.

This stops you from being able to open your heart to love again. As a result, you can feel more and more disconnected, lonely, and depressed. It can also affect the function of the actual heart and cause health issues in the future.

This Heart Wall Removal Package includes Three Emotion Code Sessions each lasting 60 minutes, which should be enough to remove ALL of your Heart Walls and Re-set your Heart Chakra.

To find out more about an Emotion Code Session, and how it works, you might like to read the Questions page.

Carried out online via Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom video call.


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