Life Coaching Intensive Package



Are you struggling with a lot of issues all at once? Are you ready for a BIG CHANGE?

This Life Coaching Intensive Package is an amazing opportunity to experience Four Hours of One-to-One Coaching with Vanessa.

A chance to be heard, and to get clear on all of the areas of your life which need to change. To create a priority list of the actions you need to take in your key areas of concern. And to identify the blocks which are standing in the way.

Vanessa will use her skills in The Emotion Code, The Body Code, Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, or Light Matrix to help you tackle the biggest block to your success right away. This will help you to take the leap into the future with confidence.

Carried out online on Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom video call. This Package includes a total of Four Hours of Intensive Life Coaching and Energy Work. This Package can be taken as One x Four Hour Session, Or One x Three Hour Session with a further One Hour Session, one week later.


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