Mentoring & Support Package – For Body Code Practitioners


Learn from the Best! Get valuable mentoring support and tips to help you become a successful Body Code Practitioner. And, your own personal Cheerleader!

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner…

Are you ready to take the next step?

Get ongoing Mentoring and Support alongside your Discover Healing training, whilst you learn to become a Certified Body Code Practitioner.

The Training Period for completing your Certification lasts up to six months. However, some trainees have qualified in three months with the right support.

This Mentoring & Support Package includes Unlimited Support and hand-holding via text, WhatsApp, Video Calls, and email from Vanessa Westwell, for the duration of your training.

Learn how to Build Rapport with New Clients. Navigate your way confidently around the Body Code App. Ask great Questions, and Manage Embarrassing Body issues. Clear Curses, Offensive Energies, and Entities. Hone your confidence in your Spiritual Guidance.

Practice Real-Time Sessions of The Body Code which will be recorded, via Skype or Zoom video calls. You will get a copy of the recordings to review later, with detailed Feedback and Suggestions for Improvement from Vanessa.

Vanessa has many hundreds of hours of Body Code Sessions under her belt. She is one of the best Body Code Practitioners in the UK. So she has a lot of great ideas and wisdom to share with you. She loves to pass on her enthusiasm for this amazing Healing Tool. 

*Includes Practice Sessions of The Body Code with detailed Feedback from Vanessa.

*Unlimited support via text, WhatsApp, or email for up to six months or until you achieve your Body Code Certification.

*Your own personal Cheerleader!

This Mentoring Package is tailored to your needs.  So contact Vanessa now to arrange a chat and see what will work best for you…


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