One Healing Session for Animals & Pets


All animals and pets can benefit from Energy Healing with The Body Code. This includes dogs, cats, birds, horses, farm animals, wild animals, and zoo animals. It is particularly helpful for rescued and traumatized animals.

Clear many of the Negative Trapped Emotions and Imbalances causing their ill-health, chronic conditions, fertility issues, behavioural issues, separation anxiety, fear of fireworks, and aggression. Help them to recover from emotions like Depression, Fear, Anger, Abandonment, Rejection, Sadness, Panic, and Grief.

To understand how this works, you might like to listen to the Interview of Vanessa working with Vishnupriya and her dog. Just click on the Podcasts page.

Carried out online via Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom video call. Your pet or animal does not need to be present during the Session, although it can be very interesting if they are! Each of The Body Code Sessions for your Animals and Pets lasts for 60 minutes.


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