Recorded Healing Sessions


Buy your Pre-Recorded, Healing Session today, and listen as often as you like!

Do you need some time for you? To relax and refresh?

Join a Pre-Recorded, Guided, Healing Session with Vanessa Westwell.

These are recordings of Live Healing Sessions, that were originally carried out on Zoom.

The Live Sessions are currently held online, on selected Sundays throughout the year. At the moment it is on the first Sunday of the month – Click here to see the upcoming dates and topics. 

Take some time for you, to Relax, Refresh, and Connect to Source Energy, during this beautiful Guided Healing.

Pre-Recorded Sessions Currently Available in the Archive:

Monday 27th  November 2023 – Releasing Anger (50 minutes)

How does it work?

Vanessa will introduce the Theme for the Guided Healing Session.  Then, you can make yourself comfortable and the Healing will follow. You can lie on the floor, couch, or your bed, whichever is most comfortable for you.

Some people find they drift off to sleep during the Healing Session. You will have the Recording, so you can listen to it as often as you wish.

Please note the date and topic of the Healing Session you want to buy in the notes section of your Order, so we get the correct one for you.



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