There are many benefits to having Energy Healing, Coaching and Mentoring Sessions with Vanessa. She can help you in so many ways, including:

  • Heart Wall Removal to access your Inner Guidance.

    This removes all the negative emotions that are creating a Wall around your Heart, blocking your heart from having a loving connection with others. It also clears any Body Walls or Spirit Walls.

  • Clearing blocks to Abundance, Wealth, and Money.

    This removes the negative or sabotaging beliefs or other blocks that stop you from allowing success, opportunities, abundance and money to flow into your life.

  • Improving Relationships and Letting Go of the Past.

    This improves your relationships with a loved one or family member, colleague or boss, or anyone you are having difficulty with.

  • Removal of Curse Energy.

    This will instantly release any Curses from your current life or a past life that may be damaging you, your family, your work, business, or home.

  • Removing Negative Limiting Beliefs and Self-Sabotage.

    This releases all the blocks that have been put in place, which are stopping you from being happy, healthy, and successful.

  • Learning How to Protect and Manage Your Energy.

    If you are an Empath, or Highly Sensitive Person, or a Lightworker who helps and heals others every day, you must protect and clear your Energy. This helps you to avoid being drained by other people's problems and pain.

  • Clearing Past Life Traumas and Ties

    This will clear any Negative "Energetic Hangovers" from your Past Lives, stopping you from having the life, health, wealth, and loving relationships you want today. 

  • Helping your Children

    You can help your baby or children up to the age of 18 years old, without their need to be involved in a Healing Session. They do not need to be present - in fact, they can even be asleep. Remarkable improvements can be seen in their sleep, behaviour, speech development, health, and academic or sports performance as a result.

  • Helping your Partner

    You can help your Relationships with your Partner or Spouse, even if they do not want to take part in a Healing Session with you. Vanessa can clear any emotions that you have absorbed from them over the years, and this will automatically be cleared from them as well. She can also clear any sabotaging or curse energies, or unhealthy emotional ties, which are causing problems for you and your relationships. This will benefit both of you. 

  • Building your Business

    Clearing the Business Problems and Blocks, Tensions, and Stress stopping you from being as Successful and Profitable as you could be.

  • Re-balancing your body after illness, accidents, operations, or disease.

    This clears and resets the body wherever it is needed, so it can be restored to a happier, healthier blueprint.

  • Removing Negative Trapped Emotions following stressful or traumatic life events.

    Clearing the Negative Trapped Emotions you have trapped yourself or have inherited or absorbed from others around you. This may include your family and friends, colleagues, clients, pets, and also from the News, TV, and Social Media.

  • Setting Inspiring Goals.

    Helping you to get focused, stop procrastinating, and start to do the work that you are being called to do. Removing energetic blocks, negative beliefs, and any unhelpful behaviours which are stopping you from achieving your goals.

  • Helping you to live your Life Purpose.

    Your True Life Purpose may involve sharing your passion or setting up a business or a charity. So you can spread your light, share your gifts, and help the world in your own unique and special way.

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