Workplace Wellbeing

Do you offer Tailored Workplace Wellbeing Packages?

Yes, we do!

Workplace Wellbeing Packages can be tailored to meet your particular business needs, challenges, and outcomes.

Do you have a valued member of staff off on long-term sick leave?

Is there someone who is suffering severe stress or PTSD as a result of an accident or incident at work?

Are some team members struggling to get along with each other?

Are two Department Heads or Partners butting heads?

Is Workplace Productivity suddenly dipping and you just can't see why?

Individual staff can benefit from a combination of One-to-One Coaching and Energy Healing using The Body Code.

Or we can create a Tailored Programme of Training, Coaching, and Support for a whole team, department, or company. 

This can be a great support, helping people physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Creating a happier, healthier, and more positive workplace for all. Which leads to better staff retention, reduced absenteeism, raised morale, and improved customer satisfaction.

To create a support package for an individual, OR to discuss a Workplace Wellbeing Programme for your organization, please use the Contact Form today to arrange an initial meeting.

What does a Full Workplace Clearing Session include?

You may never have thought about it this way, but a Business is an Energetic Being in its own right.

It has public (and private) attitudes, values, and beliefs. It can breed a culture of cut-throat competition, or kindness and collaboration. It can create supportive management and engaged team members, or zoned-out staff, poor quality products, and unhappy customers.

The Energetic Blueprint of the Business affects its employees, clients, visitors, suppliers, sub-contractors, and customers, in every interaction, every day. It is a fundamental part of the success or failure of the organization as a whole.

Working remotely, using muscle testing, Vanessa can check the current status of your Organisation, Workplace, Department, or Team. She can see where there are Energetic Imbalances and Blockages, or any Sabotaging Energies stopping you from achieving your goals. 

She can clear all of your premises, labs, offices, warehouses, hotels, homes, hospitals, shops, restaurants, clubs, land, farms, and any customer-facing areas, from any offensive or negative energies affecting them. 

This thorough Workplace Clearing often takes immediate effect. Your clients and staff will see that the place feels lighter, warmer, more comfortable, and more welcoming. This will directly affect your bottom line, attracting and retaining customers, increasing productivity, and lowering stress levels.

To hear how this Full Workplace Clearing could help you, Contact Us today. 

What does Vanessa know about Business?

Vanessa Westwell has a wealth of experience as a Training Consultant, Business Coach, Training Programme Designer, Facilitator, MC, and Motivational Speaker.

Over the years, she has worked for several blue chip organizations including Littlewoods, United Biscuits, Thames Water, The UK Coaching Academy, Berkshire Probation Service, BMI, Bellway Homes, Computacenter, and more.

As a Training Consultant, she has designed a wide range of Team Building Events, Training Workshops, Wellbeing Events, and Conferences. She has facilitated topics including Assertiveness, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Listening Skills, Customer Care, How to Manage your Team, More Effective Meetings, Raising Quality Standards, Coaching Skills, Training the Trainers, Performance Appraisal Skills, and much more.

Vanessa is intuitive, tenacious, wise, and compassionate. She has been around the block many times and has a deep understanding of business and how people tick. She is a great asset to have on your side.

Contact Vanessa today to see how she can help YOUR Business...

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